Vamık D. Volkan, M.D., DLFAPA, FACPsa.

2008 Lectures and other professional activities:  
November 15:                                 "The Holocaust and Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma." The Spinoza Foundation. Barcelona, Spain.
November 13:                              "Large-group Identity and Co-existence." V. Congreso APAG (Asociación de Psicoterapia Analítica Grupal.) Integrando Differencias, Construyendo Identitades. Sitges, Spain.
November 07:                               "Creating Memorials and Generational Continuity to Heal." The American World War II Orphans' Network (AWON) National Conference.Tuscan, Arizona, USA.
November 07-08:                           Keynote speech: "The American World War II Orphans." Network AWON Meeting. Tuscan, Arizona, USA. 
October 18:                                    "Personal and Societal Prejudice." William Alanson White and Sullivan Societies, New York. NY, USA.
October 17:                                   "Massive Trauma at the Hand of ‘Others’ and Its Psychopolitical Consequences." Global Health Event, The Embassy of Italy. Washington, DC, USA.
September 18:                              Speaker at "Hatred and Violence." Conference at Dutch Society of Psychotheraphy, COGIS and The Ministry of Defense, Amsterdam, Netherland.
August 13:                                     Guest of the Turkish President Abdullah Gül, Discussing Aspects of Some Turkish Political Issues, Ankara, Turkey.
June 27-July 07:                           Teaching political psychology at Sigmund Freud University, Vienna, Austria.
June 26-27:                                  "Psychotheraphy of  Severe Disturbance." Belfast, Northern Ireland. 
                                                     Royal College of Psychiatrists. Belfast, Northern Ireland.
June 05-07:                                   Speaker at "The Second Western World - Islamic World Dialogue." Bahçeşehir Universitesi, Istanbul, Turkey.
(Second IDI Meeting). 
May 26-29:                                   "Extreme Religious Fundamentalism. The World Scientists Gathering on Terrorism." Eriche, Sicily, Italy. 
Munich, Germany.
May 22:                                       Keynote speech: "Globalization and Psychoanalysis: Changing Structure and Identity" Panel. Deutche Psychoanalytische Gesellschaft. Munich, Germany. 
May 09-11:                                   Keynote speech: "Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma: Ich bin..., Ihr Seid..." Gefahrliche Selbst-und Fremdbilderund ihre Wandlung zu Kollektiver Intelligenz. ("I am..., "You are...” Dangerous Images of  Me and the Other and Their Transformation into Collective Wisdom.)
Würzburg, Germany. 
May 03:                                         Keynote speech: "Large-group Trauma and Its Consequences." The American College of  Psychoanalysts.
Washington DC, USA. 
May 02:                                         Keynote speech: "Applied Psychoanalysis: Political Psychology." The American College of  Psychoanalysts.
Washington DC, USA. 
April 26:                                        Keynote speech: "Psychoanalytic Formulation: What am I Analyzing?" The Seattle Psychoanalytic Society.
Seattle, Washington, USA.
April 25:                                        "Large-group Identity: Sharing Pride and Vengeance." The Seattle Psychoanalytic Society. Seattle, Washington, USA.
April 08:                                        Keynote speech: "Large-group Identity."  Swedish Psychoanalytic Society, Stockholm, Sweden.
March 25-28:                               "Psychotherapy of Depression." İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir, Turkey.
March 21:                                     "Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma." Virginia Psychoanalytic Society, Charlottsville, VA, USA.  
February 16:                                 "Large-group Identity: Sharing Pride and Vengeance." The Atlanta Psychiatric Society. Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 
February 16:                                 "Individual and Societal Aspects of Transgenerational Transmissions of Trauma." Georgia Psychiatric Society Meeting.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 
February 15:                                  "Psychoanalytic Formulation: What am I Analyzing?" The Atlanta Psychoanalytic Society. Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
February 14:                                   Seminar on Political Psychology. Naval Hospital, Bethesta, MA, USA. 
January 25-26:                               Keynote speech and seminar on  " Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma." Psychotherapeutischer Arbeitskreis für Betroffene des Holocaust (Psychotherapeutic Study Group of Persons Affected by the Holocaust) (PAKH) Düsseldorf, Germany.
January 14-15:                                Two lectures on political psychology.  "Psychoanalysis and International Relationships." Cornell Medical School,
New York, NY, USA.
January 08:                                      Discussant: "Otto F. Kernberg's Paper on Mourning." Colombia Psychoanalytic Society, New York, NY, USA.


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