Vamık D. Volkan, M.D., DLFAPA, FACPsa.

2009 Lectures and other professional activities:
January 29-31:                                  Co-chair, International Dialogue Initiative (IDI), Istanbul, Turkey.
January 06:                                      “Immortal Atatürk” Conference. Oa Publishing Co., Istanbul, Turkey. 
February 23:                                      Guest speaker, "Introduction to Psychoanalytic Political Psychology." Brandeis University, Massachusetts, USA.
March 28:                                         "From Patterson to Koresh to Bin Laden". Austen Riggs Interdisciplinary Forum, Stockbridge, Massachusetts, USA.
March 29:                                          Keynote speaker, "Extreme Religious Fundamentalism and Violence." The Austen Riggs Center, Stockbridge, MA, USA.
May 27-29:                                        Keynote speaker, "Trauma Conference", "Massive Trauma at the Others Hand of Enemies." Inter University Center (UIC), Dubrovnick, Crotia.  
April 12-13:                                     Keynote speaker, three seminars: "Large-group Psychology and Unofficial Diplomacy." Maxwell School of Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, USA.
April 19:                                             Keynote speaker, "Large-group Identity and International Relations." Local United Nations Chapter,
Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.
June 11:                                             Graduation Ceremony speech: Eastern Mediterranean University, Gazi Mağusa, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.  
Nicosia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.  
August 19-20:                                    Three seminars: "Introduction to Psychoanalytic Political Psychology." Hamburg University, Hamburg, Germany.
August 10:                                          Meeting with Beşir Atalay, the Turkish Minister of Internal Affairs, on the Turkish Democratic Efforts on the Turkish-Kurdish Issues, Ankara, Turkey.
August 17-21:                                     Guest speaker, “Building Cultures of Peace Conference.” University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany.
August 26-29:                                     Guest speaker, Vamık Volkan Lecture Series and three seminars: "Introduction to Psychoanalytic Political Psychology." Sigmund Freud University, Vienna, Austria.
September 03-05:                                Co-chair: "International Dialogue Initiative (IDI)." Belfast, Northern Ireland. 
September 10:                                    "Psychosocial Aspects of the Cyprus Problem." Medical Association Meeting, Nicosia, Turkhish Republic  of Northern Cyprus. 
September 25:                                      "From Earthquakes to Ethnic Cleansing." North Carolina Psychiatric Society, New Bern, North Carolina, USA:
October 14:                                          “Salman Akhtar-Ira Brenner Annual Honorary Lecture.” Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
October 22-24:                               Keynote speech: “International Symposium-Childhood and Society III," "Large-group Identity," "Trauma Conference." Bregenz, Austria.
November 06:                                       Workshops: "Narcisisim," "Large-group Identity," "From Eartquakes to Ethnic Cleansing." Tennessee Psychological Association Annual Meeting, Knoxville, TN, USA.
November 13-15:                       Opening speech: “The First International Symposium on Terrorism and Transnational Crime.”                                     International Terrorism and Transnational Crime Research Center, The Turkish Police Academy, Antalya, Turkey.
November 16-17:                                Chair, "Democratic Opening:  Turkish-Kurdish Issue," Conference, İstanbul Ticaret Üniversitesi, Istanbul, Turkey. 
November 17:                                      Chair, "International Press Conference on Turkish-Kurdish Issues," İstanbul Ticaret University, Istanbul, Turkey.
November 17:                                      Seminar: “Societal Traumas and Their Consequences,” Sabancı University, Istanbul, Turkey.
November 18-20:                                 Guest teacher, four seminars: "Tecnique of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy." Psikoterapi Enstitüsü, Izmit, Turkey.
November 21:                                       Guest teacher: "What is Political Psychology?" Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey.
December 18:                                       "Atatürk as a Reparative Leader and Today's World." Istanbul University Alumni Association and the Permanent Mission of Turkey to the United Nation, United Nations Building, New York, NY, USA.
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